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20 Nov - 4 min - Uploaded by FirouzanFilms Ayoub (Ayoub Ahmadi), an orphaned Kurdish child, smuggles contraband across the Iran/Iraq. 4 Apr - 74 min More information: a-time-for.

Peter Bradshaw: A film with a fierce, spare, beautiful cinematic language, a movie with a steely clarity that does not diminish its compassion and. "A Time for Drunken Horses" supplies faces to go with news stories about the Kurdish peoples of Iran, Iraq and Turkey, people whose lands to. Former assistant director to Abbas Kiarostami and star of Samira Makhmalbaf's Blackboards, Bahman Ghobadi makes his directorial debut with this gritty.

Ghobadi's "A Time for Drunken Horses" is like a more harshly realistic counterpart to Majidi's lush and fable-like "The Color of Paradise." They have in common. A Time For Drunken Horses. The second film at Cannes set in Iranian Kurdistan ( along with Samira Makhmalbaf's competition entry. Product Description. Winner of the Camera D or (Best First Feature) at the Cannes Film Festival, A Time for. Drunken Horses announced Iranian director.

6 Oct - 45 min A Time For Drunken Horses - Iranian Movies-PART_1. 3 years ago views. Add to Playlist. Reminiscent of Italian neorealism, A Time for Drunken Horses uses nonactors to tell the heartrending story of a family of poor orphans desperate to find money to . 28 Sep The care Ayoub and his sister provide to their handicapped brother is heartbreaking. The title.

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Winner of the Camera D'or (Best First Feature) at the Cannes Film Festival, A TIME FOR DRUNKEN HORSES announced Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi. INTERVIEW: The Things We Carry: Crossing Borders with "A Time For Drunken Horses" director Bahman Gh. Indiewire. Oct 25, am. Share This Article . Clocking in at a lean 77 minutes, A Time For Drunken Horses is almost single- minded in purpose, forging ahead with the gritty determination of.

A Time for Drunken Horses movie reviews & Metacritic score: When the youngest boy of a destitute Iranian Kurdish family suffers from a terminal illness, his. A Time for Drunken Horses tells the story of an orphaned family trying to survive in these perilous conditions. The film was shot on location in. A Time For Drunken Horses begins with a letter from the director, Bahman Ghobadi, saying that the film is the result of living among the Kurdish.

Bahman Ghobadi's A Time for Drunken Horses opens in a crowded market where children are looking for work. The youngsters are disturbingly. A Time for Drunken Horses. Directed by Bahman Ghobadi. An Iranian film about poverty-stricken children who demonstrate self-sacrificial love as they assume. Buy A Time For Drunken Horses [DVD] [] from Amazon's Movies Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Based on the stories and experiences of writer/director Bahman Ghobadi while growing up in northern Iran, A Time for Drunken Horses looks. Looking for movie tickets? Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing A Time for Drunken Horses near you. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE. A Time For Drunken Horses is an Iranian film, directed by Bahman Ghobadi. It stars Ayoub Ahmadi, Madi Ekhtiar-dini, and many such real-life characters.

Bahman Ghobadi's ''Time for Drunken Horses'' is the latest Iranian film to deal with the lives of children. The film takes place in a wintry. A Time For Drunken Horses (DVD). Directed by Bahman Ghobadi. AddThis Sharing Buttons Running Time: UPC: 7 2. Color Type: Country: Iran. A Time for Drunken Horses (PG) opens with a written statement from its writer- director, Bahman Ghobadi. He says that the film is "a humble.

Watch A Time for Drunken Horses (Zamani Baraye Masti Asbha) Full Movie Online and hundreds of Iranian Films with English Subtitles. Starring: After their .

A Time for Drunken horses (Zamani baraye masti aasbha) by Bahman Ghobadi Iran Director: Bahman Ghobadi Screenplay: Bahman Ghobadi Cinemato.

In a remote Kurdish village on the Iran-Iraq border, five motherless children endure a tough existence. Ayoub and his young sister Ameneh work at a bazaar, .

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The intriguing title of Kurdish Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi's "A Time for Drunken Horses" comes from a practice of Kurds along the.

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'A Time for Drunken Horses' is a raw an realistic film that was Iranian Kurd director Bahman Ghobadi's breakthrough. The film adapted from the childhood. Synopsis After their father dies, a family of five are forced to survive on their own in a Kurdish village on the border of Iran and Iraq. Matters are made worse. Persian and Kurdish with English subtitles. Written, produced and directed by Bahman Ghobadi. (olin,str1 PNP47 T56x ). Just off the Iraqi border in.

"Simplicity a window on another world the innocence of childhood. 'A Time For Drunken Horses' is a film filled with honesty, but because it is from an. Ghobadi (who was Kiarostami's assistant on The Wind Will Carry Us and played a teacher in Blackboards) was born in Iranian Kurdistan; his debut film is a. Synopsis. This film takes place in the fearsome, wintry area of Kurdistan near the border with Iran, where it is so cold that the mules used by travellers are given.

Original title: Een tijd voor dronken paarden; Filmmaker: Bahman Ghobadi; Premiere: ; Country: Iran; Year: ; Medium: 35mm; Length: 77'; Language: Farsi. A Time for Drunken Horses. Last shown Sat 15 Aug at Part of: Manchester Kurdish Film Festival 12A Directed by Bahman Ghobadi. Watch this page. A Time for Drunken Horses (Q). film by Bahman Ghobadi. Time for Drunken Horses. edit. Language, Label, Description, Also.

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