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Using Steam launch options to install retail games from disc. Log in to Steam and click on Library. Right-click on the game, select Uninstall, and then Delete. Insert the first disc into your computer. Close Steam (Steam > Exit). Press Windows Key + R to open Run. In the Run window type: Press OK. If you own the original media, then image creation is perfectly legal and will allow you to play your games without needing to put the disc into the computer.

Insert the CD game into the disc drive of the PC and wait for the gaming prompt to appear on the screen. You are asked if you want to start a new game, load a current game or install the game. Choose to install the software. Click "Next" on the welcome page, then read through and accept the license agreement. 1 Mar - 4 min - Uploaded by Chris Waite This guide shows you how to install a program from a CD or DVD in Windows, it is handy if the. 23 Feb - 7 min - Uploaded by Winchy you can only make ONE copy of your disk YOU MUST NOT PUT IT WEBSITES THATS.

So I bought a pc game as a disc, but when I load it into the disc tray it doesn't pop up with a "Run" option or anything so how do I play the. So, your new PC game is CD only don't worry! to one installation at a time, so if the game is already installed on the machine with the ODD. All the information on a PC-DVD game be stored on a single disc compared with being A DVD logo will appear on the outside of the computer on the drive.

I recently bought a gaming laptop that has no disk drive in it because I decided to go for the SLI option instead. Recently, I have had this dire. Follow these steps to install a game in the Origin client with a disc instead of Insert your game disc into your computer's disc drive. If you want to listen to a CD or watch a DVD on your computer, here's how to start.

Using a PC that has a CD/DVD drive, extract an ISO image from your CD. How can I use a game disc on a computer without a cd drive? will you be able to use them for data, it will turn your netbook without optical drive into a media player. However, you need at least one-time access to a PC with a drive. Download a virtual drive + disc cloning software. If you are not allowed to install SW on the PC . get deamon tools Lite free and image the games onto file using another computer then download deamon tools Lite free onto the.

After installation an icon should pop up on the desktop, click that and a the same icon should pop up in the icon tray in the bottom right-hand corner. Right click.

If you want to install software from a disc onto a computer that does not have a CD/DVD drive, use one of the methods described in this document.

Using a different computer that is equipped with a CD/DVD drive, the files on the software CD can be copied onto a USB thumb drive and then. Start by opening an Explorer window on the Windows Desktop and browsing to the Documents folder. Select Documents in the left of the. This is useful for old PC software discs — games, for example If you have a computer with a disc drive on the same network as your computer.

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