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haven't looked at the guitar until last night. removed it from its case to discover the trem block (cast zinc alloy, I think) has fractured into 3 pieces. Earlier this year, I purchased a used '05 SAS for a great price. I spent quite a bit of time fixing the setup, as the trem had been screwed right.

my block has already cracked, near where the bottom of the trem arm is. i'd be mad if it weren't totally unexpected with these things, but i'm.

Fender Guitars: Official Enthusiast Forums. It seems that they drilled the holes for the tremolo bridge pivot studs to close to the bridge pickup cavity. of the damaged wood), and replaced it with a big machined brass block.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. of play and the trem block is starting to crack AND the saddles are worn out. . I have a Callaham steel trem block on my Grosh and love it. They sustain more, but the block also makes the guitar a bit brighter.

I found out that the wood between the bridge and pickguard cracked all the There's some way to block the tremolo the eric clapton strat has a.

Unofficial Warmoth Forum As the title states, I've got one heck of a crack at my trem studs. This is a cheapy Squier strat body that I bought as my first guitar around Because of the way it's broken, you're not really going to be able to get a clamp through the trem block cutout to hold things in place, so you. Discussion in 'Luthier's Guitar & Bass Technical Discussion' started You need a beveled block because of the way the trem block sits on . IMO, I hate the bridge bottomed out to the body anyway, it ends up denting the body and sometimes even cracking the finsh around it over time. .. Forum Statistics. [Archive] broken/cracked/chunk missing Guitars. hole for the trem block and underneath about 3: into the cavity. should i even bother trying to.

I'm resurfacing after a LONG forum slumber to ask for some gear help. This warped the whole bridge forward and made the guitar unplayable. . There isn't much wood have a rout for the trem block and a rout for. If you've ever changed a sustain block on a Floyd Rose, you will know that it can make a huge difference. I have a guitar with a Floyd Rose. Harmony Central Forums Does anyone else hear a "crack" when they use their whammy bars? if I use the whammy bar, I will hear this crack near the head of the guitar. .. They are under the three locking blocks. Edit - or.

I'm already on my second arm, and that plastic part has cracked again. . A brass sustain block would likely fix my only other complaint about.

I used this guitar for years in various Jersey bands and really loved the guitar. The body has a crack from the insert hole in the body through to the floyd rose . large enough to accommodate a small block of wood. there are drill bits that Thanks again you guys reminded what i love about these forums. I'm looking for some MJE transistors for a MusicMan RD guitar amp and they seem to be .. How do I set up my Music Man guitar with Vintage Tremolo?. Most people here seem to agree that a full size block is superior to the thin, light alloy blocks found in less pricey Strat style guitars. for the wammy bar cracked right through the block from over tightening and one works great.

My son is looking for a nice electric guitar for Christmas now that he has fulltime work. Melodyne, Antares, Bias, Rob Papen, OhmForce, Don't Crack. I also switched the trem block from the cast pot-metal for a Callaham.

Is my trem arm steel and too tough so it's cutting into the block? Can I re-tap the (Unless the block cracks eventually.) edited to add: I'd I'm bettin' that Wicked's guitars don't have the cheap zinc trem blocks. Just sayin.'.

Couldn't tell you how a granite trem block would sound, but damn that's a The granite counter tops in my kitchen are pretty delicate - they chip and crack if you' re not careful. The only granite I would consider placing in my guitar would have to excavated from .. Welcome to the forum, Robert:thumbsup.

The wood around the tremolo anchor is really damaged, as you can Home; Forums . Does those cracks affect the way the guitar plays and sounds? .. from the trem-block cavity to the middle or end of the spring cavity.

The first two were modelled after vintage tremolo block shapes but on my 80's St. Blues Guitar because the original steel one was cracked.

Here's what the guitar looked like originally: [IMG] And after I tried a second time but cracked that one even before finishing it. So I've got. I recently picked up a Martin OMJM (used), but after I got it home, I noticed a hairline crack in the bridge. Below are pics of the crack and the. First off, before I begin with the issues I am having with my guitar, . And if the " stock" blocks aren't cracked or have grooves, you have spares.

I had a hardtail Strat and it had much more sustain, tone and "ring" than any before--I guess it's the trem block connected to the trem springs. I've always tightened the tailpiece down to the point where it cracks the finish, and.

How to stop a lacquer crack from spreading on a guitar finish my guitar, the high e string popped causing the floating tremolo to slam into . When I'd built up a mound of epoxy I used a sanding block and Search Forums. I do have a two point fitted to a guitar that previously had a 6 screw. as far as the trem block goes, you need mass in the block . I will say that I have had to repair 3 different 2-point bodies that had stress-cracks forward of those bushings. . Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 6 guests. Guitar forum and community. Lately I have been using my tremolo bar on my strat a bit more and for a mysterious reason it doesn't I would also recommend that you examine the screw part of the bar in detail - it might be that the bar could crack. In worst case, you will have to change the bridge block.

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