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Q: Why is this called Cannibal Holocaust II? Obviously the distributors retitled it from it's original titles, Natura Contro or The Green Inferno, to sell it on the back. This is NOT "Natura Contro", this is "Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story", which is another film going by the title Cannibal Holocaust 2..

Natura contro (Q). Italian film directed by Antonio Climati. The Green Inferno; Cannibal Holocaust II; Green Inferno; Natura contro - Holocausto. Cannibal Holocaust II on Find trailers, reviews, and all info for Cannibal Holocaust II by Antonio Climati. Paradiso infernale (Natura contro). Directed. While there has never been a sequel to 's Cannibal Holocaust, 's Natura contro, released in Europe and Thailand as Cannibal Holocaust II.

The Green Inferno aka Cannibal Holocaust II – Italy, Natura Contro came out after the cannibal genre had already lost its popularity.

At first glance, Natura Contro appears to be another cannibal flick that contains exlicit guttingand feasting scenes. The alternate title "Cannibal.

Phone, Suggest a phone number Natura contro, also known in English as The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust II, Posts about Cannibal Holocaust 2. Batman Graphic Novels! Recent Hits and Releases DC Essentials Wonder Woman Graphic Novels! Superman Graphic Novels Women of DC!. Buy Natura Contro - The Green Inferno - Holocausto Canibal 2 from Amazon's Movies Store. Holocausto Caníbal II [Import espagnol] Cannibal Holocaust II.

Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust, released in , is often considered to be . in with the film Natura contro, which is also known as an unofficial sequel to Cannibal Holocaust (it has an alternative title of Cannibal Holocaust II).

and the film Natura contro, which also went under the name The Green Inferno, and was sometimes marketed as Cannibal Holocaust II.

Obviously have seen Cannibal Holocaust but was wondering which others are worth seeking out. Natura Contro(AKA Cannibal Holocaust 2) From what I can gather it was simply named Cannibal Holocaust II to cash in on. The Green Inferno (Cannibal Holocaust II) is a film directed by Antonio Climati with Marco Merlo, May Deseligny, Fabrizio Merlo, Pio Original title: Natura contro. Natura contro, Movie, IMDB Cannibal Holocaust II; The Green Inferno; L' enfer vert (France); Paradiso infernale (Italy); Cannibal Holocaust 2 (Philippines) .

Notably, Natura contro is actually not a sequel to Ruggero's Deodato's notorious Cannibal Holocaust, the moniker Cannibal Holocaust II was. Cannibal films, otherwise known as the cannibal genre, are a collection of graphic, Antonio Climati's Natura Contro (also known as Cannibal Holocaust II) . “Cannibal Holocaust” and Antonio Climati's “Natura contro” (also known as “The Green Inferno” and “Cannibal Holocaust II”), “The.

Original Italian poster for the Italian film, Natura Contro (Against Nature, AKA Cannibal Holocaust II), Measures approximately

Cannibal Holocaust II/Natura Contro/The Green Inferno () - Climati's Cannibal Holocaust II is a totally unrelated follow-up to Ruggero.

The horror film will be a remake of Antonio Climati's Natura contro. The film is also known as Cannibal Holocaust II, though this name was.

Several films have since attempted to pose as Cannibal Holocaust II, Antonio Climati's jungle adventure Natura Contro (), while also going by the name. Results 1 - 16 of 30 Cannibal Holocaust is a Italian cannibal horror film directed by Original title: Natura contro The Green Inferno (Cannibal Holocaust II). Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust is the most well known film of the genre considered to have put an end to the genre in with the film Natura Contro, Holocaust (it has an alternate title of Cannibal Holocaust II).

Specifically, I wanted to touch upon the cannibal subgenre itself. with Antonio Climati's Natura Contro, better known as Cannibal Holocaust II.

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Title: Cannibal Holocaust II. Original title: Natura Contro. Series / hero: Cannibal Holocaust. Collection: Number in collection: Carrier / medium.

There have been six unofficial sequels to Cannibal Holocaust. Natura contro ( ) was the first movie to call itself Cannibal Holocaust II (in. Natura Contro aka The Green Inferno aka Cannibal Holocaust II. Naturally, a cannibal film directed by Antonio Climati, the DP of several Mondo. Cannibal Holocaust %. Natura contro (Cannibal Holocaust II) 0% It's set after the first holocaust when there are only cannibals left.

Cannibal Holocaust II International (English title) Natura contro Italy (original title) Amazonas hemlighet Sweden Amazonios, prasini kolasi Greece (video title).

"Cannibal Holocaust" and Antonio Climati's "Natura contro" (also known as "The Green Inferno" and "Cannibal Holocaust II"), "The. In , mondo director Antonio Climati made his film Natura contro, which was released as Cannibal Holocaust II in Thailand and the United Kingdom. (Interestingly, Natura contro was not conceived as a direct sequel to Cannibal Holocaust, but rather got the name Cannibal Holocaust II.

notorious Cannibal Holocaust and Antonio Climati's Natura contro ( also known as The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust II).

Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust is the most well known film of the with the film Natura Contro, which is also known as an unofficial sequel to Cannibal.

made a feature since 'Hostel: Part II') by selling distribution rights to the “ Cannibal Holocaust” and Antonio Climati's “Natura contro”.

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